My reason to finally start writing

My name is not Carrie de Weaver, but if you keep reading you will meet her. In spite of the fact that she has already left this planet. I don’t think her surviving decendants think much about her or truly know or appreciate who she really was or how rich their blood is because they came from her. Some of what I want to tell you is my own story..  some hers…

Someone says ‘ by the grace of God go I’ but I say by the grace of God I survived. I am commited to moving forward into my purpose because I know I have one… otherwise I wouldn’t be here… many times over.

I have learned that some people exist simply to make the world a better place, one way or another. I’m a spiritual warrior. Do not misunderstand. That doesn’t mean I would do any harm to a person I don’t agree with or whom I believe is evil. That means I love God and use faith, love, prayer and worship to combat spiritual enemies. This has made me a target and for some reason a national security threat. I had no clear assurity that my knowledge was correct or if I was even making much of a difference in the world until recently when I had to look into the very face of Satan itself and the forces it has at its disposal. Most of all I am writing because if I am murdered, someone .. anyone ought to know why.


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